Everyone knows there’s nothing like a nice cold pint after a long day at work.

But few know that for over 30 years Speedfit Technology has been delivering beer from the keg to the tap. Traditionally the drinks dispense industry used brass compression fittings to carry beer. A trend that was bucked over night in early 1980s. Upon discovering that lead in brass fittings can react with beer and cause serious health concerns, John Guest was asked to develop a plastic push-fit connector to eliminate the issue. Today, 95% of pubs in the UK use Speedfit push-fit fittings as an integral part of their beer lines.

Brewers across the UK embraced the plastic JG push-fit solution as it removed health concerns, created a reliable pipe connection and was much quicker and easier to install. Popularity grew in no time. In fact, so much so, it’s pretty much the norm to find Speedfit Technology in any pub you go in.

Fuller’s was the first to use the push-fit system in their brewery in Chiswick, with Guinness, Heineken and Carlsberg following hot on their heels. Water purification and hot drink vending companies also welcomed the solution making Speedfit Technology an integral part of their systems.

Raising the bar with Speedfit Technology

In 2007, Heineken decided to raise hygiene standards even further and eliminate the risk of any microbial activity in the beer line by keeping it consistently cool. Always keen to be at the forefront of innovation, JG collaborated with Heineken to develop a connector to bring extra cold beer straight from the keg to the font.

Known as PolarClean, the tube-in-tube connector keeps beer lines super cool, eradicating the risk of any microbial activity. Carrying beer through a tube encased by another tube with coolant, the connector delivers chilled beer from the keg coupler to beer tap.

PolarClean is now used by brewers across the world as it enables them to pull perfectly chilled pints, every single time.